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Jeremy Masys

Mediator, Consulting Attorney, and Divorce Coach

I came to family law from a different starting point than most, having earned my JD at NYU School of Law and worked for five years as an associate at WilmerHale, one of the elite law firms in the world. While I practiced white collar defense there at the highest level on behalf of Wall Street institutions and some of world's largest corporations, over the years people began seeking out my counsel in their family law matters, due in no small part to my having gone through a contested and fraught California divorce at a young age.

In that process, I found that I truly loved providing guidance to others experiencing divorce and other family law challenges, both as a mediator and consulting attorney. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed to work alongside some of the leading family law attorneys in LA, working on straightforward dissolutions, high-conflict litigations involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and all types of proceedings in between. I've also devoted many hours of pro bono service to the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law, where I have counseled and advocated for dozens of clients inside and outside of the courtroom.

As I've walked alongside more and more clients over the years, I've learned that litigation simply isn't a winning strategy for most - either financially, emotionally, or spiritually - even when they "win." In accord with the the proverb, "Any old jackass can tear down a barn; it takes a carpenter to build one," (and the directive by a certain other carpenter that "Blessed are the peacemakers"), I've turned the focus of my life's work to helping clients over come family law challenges through constructive and collaborative methods that promote wellness and reduce fees, including mediation, prenuptial agreements, divorce coaching, and limited scope consultation.

When not at work on behalf of clients, I can be found playing bass guitar with my band Ghost Tyger & Friends, attending Vintage Church LA, winning at pub trivia, losing at golf, steadily improving at chess, or writing my book (more to come on that...).