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Whether it’s you or your spouse who is considering divorce, you no doubt have fears, anxiety, frustrations, and questions regarding the legal process and potential consequences for your finances, personal relations, and your future in general. The bad news is there may be a whole range of potential obstacles and pitfalls in the divorce process you may not even be aware of. In my role as a California family law attorney, I help women and men considering divorce and/or in the divorce process understand the legal, financial, and relational issues they face, create strategies that meet their goals, and work towards those goals through negotiation and, if needed, litigation.

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Many people make the mistake of not speaking with an attorney regarding a potential divorce out of some combination of fear, denial, emotional paralysis, or worry that doing so will “make it real” or provoke the other spouse — but doing so often only hurt themselves in the long run. Whether you are interested in a single consultation to discuss your options, challenges, and risks, or full representation through final judgment, my pledge is to provide compassionate, strategic, and skillful counsel that serves to promote your long-term needs and well-being while keeping your costs manageable and avoiding unnecessary conflict.

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You do want to avoid unnecessary conflict and expensive fees in a divorce is possible, but at the same time you should learn as much you can about your legal rights, obligations and options. Going blind without legal counsel not only does not avoid conflict, delay, and expense, but often makes such issues worse.

Many divorces can be resolved without having an attorney represent you in court, especially when the parties can resolve matters amicably (that said, online kits are generally just forms and info you can get elsewhere for free). But speaking with an attorney can help you understand your rights, obligations, and options to determine whether full legal representation is advisable.

Sadly, divorces occur all the time where one partner does not want it. And speaking to an attorney about what your future could look like financially and relationally post-divorce absolutely does not mean you need to pursue a divorce. If divorce does seem a likely possibility in the near future, making the effort to better understand how the law will affect you and your family is important.

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